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The Shape of the River, by William G. Bowen and Derek Bok

The Black and White Test Score Gap, by Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips

America in Black and White, One Nation Indivisible, by Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom

The Big Test--The Secret History of the Meritocracy, by Nicholas Lemann

The Color Bind, by Lydia Chavez

Successful Intelligence, by Robert J. Sternberg

Chilling Admissions, edited by Gary Orfield and Edward Miller.


"The End of Meritocracy-A Debate on Affirmative Action, the SAT and the Future of American Excellence" by Abigail Thernstrom and Nathan Glazer, The New Republic, September 27, 1999.

"The Structure of Success in America" by Nicholas Lemann, The Atlantic, August 1995

"Stereotype Threat and Black College Students" by Claude Steele, The Atlantic, August 1999.

"Affirming Affirmative Action" by Ronald Dworkin. This is a review of The Shape of the River by Derek Bok and Williams Bowen which appeared The New York Review of Books, October 1998.

"Is Affirmative Action Doomed?" by Ronald Dworkin, The New York Review of Books, November 1998.

A newspaper series on race and education by Anni Nakao which was published in The San Francisco Examiner, June 7-10, 1998:

  • "How Race Colors Learning"
  • "Stacked Odds"
  • "Peer Power"
  • "Brainstorms"

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