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 A  30-year study of race sensitive admission policies

is the subject of The Shape of the River--Long Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions by William G. Bowen and Derek Bok. Here's a summary of this book's key findings which support race sensitive admission policies.

Summary of Important Court Rulings

that have challenged race sensitive admission polices.

FRONTLINE's interview with William G. Bowen

co-author of The Shape of the River.

FRONTLINE's interview with Derek Bok

co-author of The Shape of the River.

FRONTLINE's interview with John Yoo

who favors a race neutral admissions policy. He is professor at Boalt Law School, University of California, Berkeley and a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

FRONTLINE's interview with Abigail Thernstrom

who takes issue with some of the findings in The Shape of the River. She is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and is co-author of America in Black and White- One Nation Indivisible.

interview with terence pell

senior counsel at the Center for Individual Rights, the law firm that is suing the University of Michigan over its undergraduate affirmative action policies. CIR also represented Cheryl Hopwood in the Hopwood v. Texas lawsuit, which in 1996 led the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to rule that the University of Texas law school could not take race into consideration in admitting students.

 A Timeline of legal cases challenging race sensitive admissions policies
Affirming Affirmative Action

by Ronald Dworkin. This is a review of The Shape of the River which appeared The New York Review of Books, October 1998.

Is Affirmative Action Doomed?

by Ronald Dworkin, The New York Review of Books, November 1998.

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