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This site offers a wealth of criticism about standardized tests such as the SAT--ranging from published news articles to standardized test studies. This comprehensive site also provides valuable links to current Fairtest projects, which focus on testing for K-12 students, college applicants and teachers.

The Center for Individual Rights

This site of this public interest law firm showcases settled and active court cases dealing with admissions policies. The site pays particular attention to race sensitive policies, offering free literature on how to challenge university racial preferences. Check out the case of Hopwood v. Texas, a constitutional fight against racial preference in student admissions.


A sleek website for Kaplan Educational Centers, which is the oldest testing preparation company in the country. Here, students are allowed to register for prep classes, order materials and run through online verbal and math drills. Includes a 'mind games' folder, a creative and fun collection of vocabulary flashcards and simulations such as mock job interviews.

The Princeton Review

Take a Practice SAT on this site, which also provides a made-to-order college search function, allowing students to pull up information on universities suitable to their interests. More importantly, students can check out various schools' admissions criteria, including requisite G.P.A. and SAT scores.

Graduate School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley

FRONTLINE's "Secrets of the SAT" was produced out of Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. Graduates and current students contributed to the production of the web site. Reporter and writers include Craig Delaval, Jeff Gove and Lisa Golstein. The video editor is Sara Maamouri. Other works produced out of the Journalism School can be explored on their web site.

The College Board

For a breakdown on SAT scoring trends, go here. As administrators of the SAT, the nonprofit College Board posts SAT results from past decades to present, comparing scores among racial and gender groups. There is also up-to-date news on the 'Strivers' program, which uses personal information in conjunction with SAT results for admissions. Students can also check test schedules and register to take the SAT through this site.

The Education Testing Service

This site is operated by the organization that develops standardized tests. Includes links to various college sites, sample tests and answers to frequently asked questions about the SAT.

University of California Early Academic Outreach Program

The EAOP, a branch of the UC system, was set up in 1976 to help inform and motivate students thinking about attending college. The site helps students apply to the UC system and provides tips for strong essay writing. It also offers links to all UC schools and includes links to dozens of preparation sites and literature.

University of California Pathways

Allows prospective students to download UC applications, and provides submission deadlines for all UC schools.

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