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Miami prosecutors charged the 14 year-old boy with sexually molesting a group of children he baby-sat at church. He was held in the Miami Juvenile Detention Center for two years, refused the State's offer of a plea bargain, and finally went to trial. The jury acquitted him on all charges in May 1991.

Summary of the Fijnje Case

Jury s Letter to Janet Reno

In this letter, the jurors explain to Janet Reno why her office failed to make a convincing case.
The Interview

In this interview, Bobby Fijnje details the events leading up to his arrest, his interrogation, trial and acquittal.
Interview with Peter Miller

Peter Miller participated in the defense of Bobby Fijnje.
Interview with Louis Aguirre

Louis Aguirre was a young reporter in Miami who became the star reporter on the case.
Interview with Dr. Stephen Ceci

Dr. Stephen Ceci testified as witness in the Fijnje trial, appearing on both the prosecution and defense witness lists. He is a nationally-recognized expert on children's memory and proper procedures for interviewing children.

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