the child terror
THe Harold Grant Snowden Case
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The state of Florida twice prosecuted Snowden for child sexual molestation. The first time he was acquitted; the second time, prosecutors won conviction based primarily on three witnesses and two pieces of physical evidence. Snowden was sentenced to five life terms. After spending twelve years in prison, Snowden's case was overturned in 1998 in a federal habeas appeal.

Summary of the Snowden Case

The Interview

In this interview, Snowden details the events leading up to his arrest, the medical tests which were done on him, the role of the press in his case, and what it was like being an ex-cop in prison.
Interview with David Markus

David Markus led the prosecution in the second Snowden trial in 1986 in Miami, when he was an assistant district attorney. He later left the prosecutor's office to become a defense attorney in Miami.
Interview with Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal was the attorney who represented Snowden in the habeas appeal before the federal bench, winning his freedom in 1998. Rosenthal has worked on appeals for several defendants convicted of mass allegations of sexual abuse.

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