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the child terror
notorious day care cases
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The following is a list of some of the day care sexual abuse cases that took place nationwide during the 1980s and early 90s. It includes the year the investigation started and the outcome of the trials.

McMartin 1983 Manhattan Beach, CA
Two defendants found not guilty.
Five defendants had charges dropped.
Country Walk 1984 Miami, FL
One defendant found guilty, 6 life terms.
One defendant pled guilty, 10 years. Released and deported after 3.
Small World 1984 Niles, MI
One defendant found guilty, 50-75 years. Conviction overturned, pled guilty to lesser offense in lieu of re-trial, 5 years probation.
Fells Acres 1984 Malden, MA
One defendant, 30-40 years.
Two defendants, 8-20 years. Convictions overturned, re-trials ordered. Superior Court denied re-trials and reinstated original sentences; that ruling overturned by state Supreme court which overturned convictions and ordered re-trials
Georgian Hills 1984 Memphis, TN
Two defendants, charges dropped.
One defendant, not guilty.
One defendant, 5-35 years, conviction overturned, charges dismissed.
Rogers Park Jewish Community 1984 Chicago, IL
One defendant found not guilty.
Grant Snowden 1984 Miami, FL
One defendant convicted, received life sentence. Overturned. As of October 1998, under appeal to the US Supreme Court.
Manhattan Ranch 1984 Manhattan Beach, CA
One defendant found not guilty.
Craig's Country 1985 Clarksville, MD
One defendant found guilty, 10 years, conviction overturned, charges dismissed.
One defendant had charges dropped in trial
Felix's 1985 Carson City, NV
Two defendants found guilty. Life sentences. Convictions overturned, charges dismissed.
East Valley YMCA 1985 El Paso, TX
Two defendants found guilty. One received life plus 311 years. Conviction overturned, retried and found not guilty. The other received 20 years, conviction overturned, charges dismissed.
Glendale Montessori 1987 Stuart, FL
One defendant pled guilty, 27 years.
One defendant pled no contest, 10 years.
Old Cutler 1989 Miami, FL
One defendant found not guilty.
Little Rascals 1989 Edenton, NC
Two defendants found guilty, one received 12 life sentences, one received life; both convictions overturned, re-trials ordered, charges dismissed
One defendant pled guilty, 7 year suspended sentence.
One defendant pled guilty, 10 year suspended sentence
Three defendants had charges dropped.

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Faith Chapel 1989 San Diego, CA
One defendant found not guilty.
Fran's 1991 Austin, TX
Two defendants found guilty, 48 years.
Key Source: deYoung, Mary. "Another Look at Moral Panics: The Case of Satanic Day Care Centers." Deviant Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 19: 257-278, 1998.

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