china in tibet: a selection of reports and readings

To Acquiesce - or Resist?
In this excerpt from his book The Struggle for Modern Tibet: The Autobiography of Tashi Tsering, Tsering explains why he decided to stop working with other exiled Tibetan activists in India. (He eventually returned to Tibet to help set up schools to teach Tibetan culture.) As Tsering sees it, the questions he has had to confront, and continues to try and reconcile, are: To be Chinese or to be Tibetan? To acquiesce in China's sovereignty over Tibet, or to resist? Can Tibet be modernized without sacrificing its culture?

U.S. State Department Report on China and Tibet
In this August 1997 report, the State Department outlines China's "widespread human rights abuses in Tibet" and its "intensified controls on religion and on freedom of speech and the press for ethnic Tibetans."

Panchen Lama
A report from the Tibet Information Network which includes "China Admits Holding Panchen Lama 'For Protection'"

Religion and Anti-Dalai Lama Campaign
Reports from the Tibet Information Network, including: "Dalai Lama Photographs Banned from Monasteries;" "1000 Monks Face Expulsion in Lhasa Re-Education Drive;" "Nunnery and Monastery Closed Down;" "Religious Policy Tightens;" "Pressure on Juveniles and Eastern Tibetans to Leave Monasteries."

Chinese Attitudes to Conservation and to Tibet
From journalist Orville Schell's presentation at the 1990 ecology conference, "Endangered Tibet."

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