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Heather Havrilesky --

"Throughout "So Much So Fast," it's hard not to feel grateful to be allowed such an intimate look at a family's evolution in the face of disaster. … We take extreme joy in [Stephen's] smallest triumphs and his dry wisecracks, and then we grit our teeth and wring our hands over the fact that Jamie's foundation is losing money. The filmmakers have an obvious appreciation for the oddities and quirks of the personalities in this family, and they take pains to document not only the progression of ALS in Stephen, but the family's slow evolution in coming to terms with Stephen's fate."


Tom Dorsey -- The Louisville Courier-Journal

"... a poignant, never-say-die story ..."


John Doyle -- The Toronto Globe and Mail

"... a compelling account ..."


Tribune Media Syndicate

"... a story to touch your heart and occasionally tickle your funny bone."

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posted apr. 3, 2007

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