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the heywood family

ALS TDI logo

The ALS Therapy Development Institute
In 1999, Jamie Heywood started this foundation to find a cure for his brother Stephen, who had just been diagnosed with ALS at the age of 29. Here's how it grew from three people operating out of a basement to a multimillion-dollar research program for treating ALS.

Wendy Heywood

Caring for Stephen: An Interview with Wendy Heywood
Wendy started dating Stephen Heywood shortly after his first ALS symptoms developed. The couple married in February 2000, and their son, Alex, was born later that year. Here, Wendy talks about being a caregiver for Stephen -- the complexities of his daily routine and his proactive role in his care; how she balanced the roles of wife, mother, and caregiver; and where she found strength and support.

Ben Heywood

Ben Heywood's New Web site
In March 2006, Stephen's brother Ben launched PatientsLikeMe -- a hybrid social networking/data-sharing site that allows patients with ALS to connect with each other and share detailed medical information. Here, Ben describes the site and how it works.

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posted apr. 3, 2007

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