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excerpts from the film

Note: "So Much So Fast" cannot be video streamed in full because Internet rights aren't available. To purchase the program, visit the producer's Web site. To purchase the educational version visit ShopPBS for Teachers (DVD).

Meet the Heywoods
(4:00) After Stephen's diagnosis, his family launches bellydance fundraisers and a foundation. And the brothers stick to their video game competitions.

"Time Is Such a Bastard"
(5:28) Stephen can't use his hands and his speech worsens. But his sense of humor remains. Jamie's foundation is in gear, but he's aware of the perils.

"The Orville Wright of the Brain"
(2:53, Web exclusive) A new technology called BrainGate enables Stephen to control a computer using his thoughts. Here's how it works.

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posted apr. 3, 2007

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