The Undertaking

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Nevada and Anthony Verrino

They are the parents of two-year-old Anthony John Verrino, who was born with a rare genetic condition. They decided to share their story about their beloved son with others as a way to honor him -- the "incredible little person" whom they were blessed to have.

Read an interview with the Verrinos


Anne Beardsley

Anne's beloved Aunt Mary passed away at the age of 84, shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Mary Leonard was "pretty direct about things in her life," and so it was when it came to facing death and dying. But that didn't make it any easier for Anne to deal with the loss.


David King

His dad, Dennis King, died from cancer at the age of 72. David initially was skeptical about the meaningfulness of a funeral, but after his father's wake and accompanying his father's body to the crematory, he now thinks differently about it.


Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly, 85, met with funeral director Patrick Lynch to go over the final details of his own funeral - when that day comes. He knows exactly what it will be: one viewing, a Mass, cremation, and then burial right beside his beloved wife, Jean.



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posted october 30, 2007

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