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Key Controversies and Missteps of the Postwar Period
A closer look at the decisions and mistakes made during the 14 months (April '03-June '04) of the American-led occupation government in Iraq before sovereignty was handed over to the Iraqis. These comments are drawn from FRONTLINE's extended interviews with those on the ground in Iraq that crucial year, as well as other experts and journalists.


Inside the Green Zone
This seven-square-mile area in Baghdad -- also known as the "Emerald City," "the bubble," and "Oz" -- was the walled-off, heavily-guarded headquarters of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). CPA staff both worked and lived here. Here's anecdotes and observations about what it was like, drawn from FRONTLINE's extended interviews.


L. Paul Bremer III
Assessments of Bremer and his leadership as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, from longtime colleagues and those on the ground with him in Iraq. These comments are drawn from their FRONTLINE interviews.


Doomed From the Start?
In the end, could Jay Garner or Paul Bremer have done anything? Those on the ground during that first, critical year in Iraq, and others, offer their thoughts on the flawed assumptions and unrealistic planning going into the war. These comments are drawn from FRONTLINE's extended interviews.


What Went Wrong?
From turf battles in Washington to real-life battles on the streets of Baghdad, here's a look at the planning for postwar Iraq and how it has affected the situation on the ground. From FRONTLINE's 2003 report "Truth, War and Consequences."


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posted oct. 17, 2006

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