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press reaction

Anita Gates The New York Times

"… Very few punches are pulled during this disturbing, eye-opening hour, written, produced and directed by Michael Kirk. ...

"The still photographs in "The Lost Year In Iraq" are particularly well chosen. One shot of Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, and Donald H. Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense, is a portrait of a power play told solely in facial expressions."

Alex Strachan Canwest News Service

"… 'The Lost Year In Iraq' is fascinating viewing -- fascinating as a sober, clear-eyed look back at recent history. It's refreshing, too, for its lack of partisan politicking, and because it hasn't been sexed up or sensationalized. It just tells it like it was and, in so doing, shows how Iraq got to where it is today."

Dusty Saunders Rocky Mountain News

"… While the broadcasting networks have aired numerous stories about those key 12 months in Iraq, none has provided the concise chronological report put together by producer-writer-director Michael Kirk.

"Regardless of political affiliation or view about Iraq, this 'Frontline' hour deserves your attention."

David Kronke Los Angeles Daily News

"… [Reporter Jim] Gilmore and Kirk play the whole ordeal out for you in handy televised form in what would play as high comedy were the results not so tragic."

Ted Mahar The Oregonian

"… 'Lost Year' is depressing but fascinating."

Walt Belcher The Tampa Tribune

"… 'Frontline' has done a remarkable job of asking the tough, unpopular questions about the U.S. war on terrorism. …"

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posted oct. 17, 2006

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