Many works from the New Deal era have gone missing or made their way into private possession.

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Time Period

1933 - Present


United States Government


Throughout the United States

Items Sought

Thousands of artworks created for public buildings under New Deal programs, including the Works Progress Administration, from 1933 to 1943.

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Case Summary

During the New Deal era, the U.S. Government employed thousands of artists to create tens of thousands of works of art (such as paintings, prints, and sculptures). Since that time, many of these works have gone missing or made their way into private possession, and the GSA's Fine Arts Program is tasked with locating and recovering these pieces on behalf of the federal government. It is the GSA's general policy to loan recovered artwork to qualifying institutions, such as museums or university art galleries.


GSA's Fine Arts Collection
GSA's Legal Fact Sheet


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RMW-002: Missing Artifacts from the Wisconsin Historical Society
RMW-003: Colorado Unclaimed Property Division
RMW-005: Missing Norman Rockwell Coca-Cola Illustrations
RMW-006: Stolen Artworks from Hobcaw Barony
RMW-007: The Missing Norman Studios Film Reels
RMW-008: The Apollo Theater Archive

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