In Atlanta, Georgia, host Mark L. Walberg visits the Coca-Cola archives with appraiser Leila Dunbar to explore the mystery surrounding the disappearance of three Norman Rockwell paintings.

ROADSHOW examines the case of Coca-Cola's missing Norman Rockwell illustrations.

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Date of Incident

1928 - 1934


The Coca-Cola Company


United States

What's Missing

Three Coca-Cola advertisement paintings by Norman Rockwell.

Case Status


Case Summary

Starting in the late 1920s through the mid-1930s, Coca-Cola commissioned Norman Rockwell to paint six advertisement illustrations for the company, featuring their iconic green bottles and idyllic all-American imagery. These original illustrations were then reproduced in calendars, billboards, and print publications.Today, three of the six Rockwell illustrations are in Coca-Cola's possession, while the other three are missing, having been lent out for use in publications and never returned.


Coca-Cola Company Archive website
Coca-Cola Company Archive: (404) 676-3491


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