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Hedy Lamarr and Howard Hughes’ Relationship


It’s no secret that Hedy Lamarr and eccentric aviation tycoon Howard Hughes were romantically involved, but many aren’t aware that their true connection was based on their love of invention. Hughes appreciated her mind, giving her complete access to his team of scientists to help her execute any of her inventions. Lamarr said that Hughes relied on her. She thought his airplanes were “too slow” so she designed a new wing shape for his planes, inspired by a book on fish and birds, to make them more aerodynamic. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it came to Lamarr’s pre-war inventions.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Inventing was her hobby.

She not only had a complete inventing table set up in her house, but Howard Hughes gave her a small version of the set of equipment which she had in the trailer where she stayed in between takes in her motion pictures.

When Hedy first met Howard Hughes, he was dating every Hollywood star and she did date him.

Howard Hughes of course was a great airplane designer, so probably they had a compatible spirit with one another.

It was definitely cerebral because she said he was the worst lover she ever had.

Howard Hughes wanted to build the fastest planes in the world so he could sell them to the air force.

She was fascinated by his mind and his factories and she wanted to go and see where everything was being made and built and she met all the scientists.

He said to her, Anything you want my scientists to do for you, just ask them and they will do it.

She invented during that period a tablet that would fizz up and make a cola.


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