Learn how Rosanne Cash’s grandmother inspired her


Singer, songwriter and author Rosanne Cash shares how her grandmothers endurance and optimism inspires her to this day. #InspiringWomanPBS

Hi, I'm Rosanne Cash.

A woman who inspires me is my grandmother, Carrie Cash.

She's not living anymore, but she raised seven children on a cotton farm in Arkansas.

She picked cotton.

She did her laundry in a steel tub, cooked for a huge family, gave birth at home, in the first few years without electricity, and was the most tenacious woman I knew.

And as hard as her life was, she was unfailingly cheerful and kind and compassionate.

And I once asked her, you know, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I said, 'how do you get through labor?'

And she said - she looked at me like I was crazy, she said, 'honey, you endure it.'

And she endured so much hardship and had such a huge, beautiful heart.

Whenever something's really hard for me, I think about her and that there must be something of her that survives in me, because I'm pretty tenacious.

But she's a constant inspiration.