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The Inspiring Woman behind Lackawanna Blues’ Nanny


Ruben Santiago-Hudson took a moment to share a story for American Masters’ #InspiringWomanPBS campaign. Learn about the woman behind Lackawanna Blues’ Nanny.


In my life, the most inspiring woman - the most inspiring person - was Rachel Crosby, Nanny, who I wrote the movie 'Lackawanna Blues' about. Because she literally took a little boy off the floor where I was born - on the floor in Lackawanna - and shaped me into a man. And not only that, she made me responsible and she made me know that my dreams weren't only dreams - that they were realities if I wanted to work for 'em. And my success is built around not ever wanting to disappoint her, and everything I've ever done was to please her.

So Rachel Crosby, Nanny, my inspiring woman - I love you.


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