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Production Credits

Produced & Directed by
John Antonelli

D. Channsin Berry

Director of Photography
James Iacona

Eli Olson

Noland Walker

Executive Producer
Avon Kirkland

Associate Producer
Rick Roper

Additional Editing
Todd Miro
Will Parrinello
Kenji Yamamoto

Additional Photography
Will Parrinello

Post Supervision
Quinn Costello

Graphic Design
Stephen Faustina
Todd Miro
Peter Antonelli

Color Correction
Gary Coates

Audio Mix
Jim LeBrecht, Berkeley Sound

Sound Recordists
Barry Harris
Jeff Happ
Archival Research
Daniel Rosencrantz
Margaret Jamison
Simmy Makhijani
Donna Wilson

Assistant Editors
Natasha MacMillan
Emmanuelle Antolin

Special Thanks
Jeffrey Marino
Joyce Moore
Eugene Hoskins
Jessica Abbe
Toby McLeod
Brian Leonard
Rick Goldsmith
Toni Howard
Marc Siegler

Archive Footage and Photos
Bob Sandberg
Ernest C. Withers Archive
ABC Disney
Getty Images
AP Photos
Producers Library Service
Historic Films
Dick Clark Productions
BBC Worldwide
Riverview Publications
Fantasy Records
The Chicago Defender
Johnson Publications
Erik Greene

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

For American Masters

Series Office Manager
William Meny

Series Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Kosakowska

Series Theme Music Composed by
Thomas Wagner

Series Title Designed by
B. T. Whitehill

Music Services
John Adams
Rosie Fishel

Series Production Manager
Jane Buckwalter

Business Affairs
Ranfi Rivera
Odell Nails

Series Publicist
Thirteen/WNET New York’s Communications Group

Supervising Producer
Julie Sacks

Series Producer
Prudence Glass

Executive Producer
Susan Lacy

Sam Cooke- Crossing Over is a co-production of Pictograph Productions LLC and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

Sam Cooke- Crossing Over was produced by Pictograph Productions LLC, who is solely responsible for its content
© 2008 Pictograph Productions LLC, all rights reserved.

Web Credits

Daniel Ross

Joy Weeeng

Brian Santalone

Technical Director
Brian Lee

Creative Director
Nick Miller

Director of Digital Strategy
David Hirmes

Senior Director
Daniel Greenberg



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