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See Tyrus Wong’s work in classic Warner Bros. movies


After leaving Disney, Tyrus Wong joined Warner Bros. and began painting scenes based on screenplays. He would continue working for Warner Bros. for 26 years, helping set the stage for thousands of films.

Additional support for Tyrus is provided in part by The Louie Family Foundation, The Walt Disney Company Foundation, Buck Gee & Mary Hackenbracht, the National Endowment for the Arts, County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, Bill Yee, David Ahmanson, East West Bank, and Women in Film.


This is a sketch for the picture 'Harper' with Paul Newman. You know, I had to make this here to show the director, you know, so they can go in and build the set.

This is the astrology bit, but obviously without much success. Any astrologist in particular? This one is from 'Wild Bunch.' Sam Peckinpah was the director.

For the most part, you really had to work on everything. We didn't question what they gave us, we just did it. He's got some incredibly beautiful drawings for an unrealized Warner Brothers motion picture that was meant to be a musical it was influenced by Salvador Dali - very surreal, very unusual colors he was trained to be able to do anything, and he could do anything. And he followed his assignments, and his assignments were to be flexible, innovative and work to the service of that screenplay.


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