October 22nd, 2010
[THE DIG] Putting Americans To Work.. Or Not

The Economist reports that all that infrastructure talk in Washington since the stimulus bill passed in Feb. 2009 was, in fact, talk. The magazine said, “Infrastructure is still in need of investment; unemployment in the construction sector was 17.2% in September. Barack Obama is touting a new $50 billion infrastructure proposal, but as the mid-terms loom, it is probably too late…”

The bad news for infrastructure continues as the Associated Press reports that while Americans want the nation’s aging highways, bridges, and rail systems improved, they really don’t want to pay for it. And local officials across the country have noticed with plans to shut down or postpone huge public works projects (especially with the Nov. 2 election looming).

And with the World Series just a win away for the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants, a report from Bloomberg takes note that while professional sports stadiums may be green in terms having a bus stop, most are turning their backs on pricey solar panels.

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