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Profiles from the Recession: [BLOG] Hard Times Then, Hard Times Now

Much has been made of the current recession experience as a time that rivals only the Great Depression. Already, we live in "The Great Recession." And after a stimulus in 2009 as an answer to the struggling economy, another stimulus is in the works.

Sep 15th, 2010

Blueprint America
The Next American System: [VIDEO] The Crises

Eric Rauchway, professor of history at the University of California, Davis, makes the case that movements to advance American infrastructure, since the beginning, have been brought on by times of national crisis. But, will the current American crisis -- the Great Recession -- advance infrastructure again?

Jan 25th, 2010

The Next American System: [OP-ED] 1808 – 1908 – 2008: National Planning for America

Robert Fishman, University of Michigan professor, on the role that national planning has played in shaping America's development.

Jan 23rd, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [RADIO] Bridge to Somewhere — A look back at the New Deal

A look back at the New Deal, and its projects that made America.

Jun 5th, 2009


Blueprint America -- with American RadioWorks on public radio — looks at the new New Deal: President Barack Obama wants to create jobs by building infrastructure, but so did another president. Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to put people to work by building roads, bridges, dams, sewers, schools, hospitals and even ski jumps. The structures that New Deal agencies built transformed America.

Jun 5th, 2009

Profiles from the Recession: [REPORT] Bridge to Somewhere: Civilian Conservation Corp

The Civilian Conservation Corps was the first and most popular New Deal program. Millions of young men who could not find work signed up to be part of Roosevelt's "forest army." They planted trees, fought forest fires, and built trails and buildings we still use today.

Jun 5th, 2009

Profiles from the Recession: [REPORT] Bridge to Somewhere: Works Progress Administration

The WPA was one of Roosevelt's most controversial programs. It put millions of people to work doing things like painting murals, sewing clothes, running nursery schools and serving school lunches. But most WPA workers built things. Their legacy is all around us.

Jun 5th, 2009

Profiles from the Recession: [REPORT] Bridge to Somewhere: Public Works Administration

The Public Works Administration left an enormous legacy of public works. PWA workers built projects in all but three counties in the United States, but many of the structures they left behind have no plaque mentioning the PWA. Americans use these structures every day without realizing where they came from.

Jun 5th, 2009

America in Gridlock: [REPORT] Infrastructure of the stimulus plan: Overall public works spending

What has often been referenced as a new New Deal, similar to initiatives instituted during the Great Depression, the following is a breakdown of federal funds from Congress' economic stimulus devoted to projects or spending that is related to or will affect infrastructure in the U.S.

Feb 12th, 2009

What happens after the stimulus package?

U.S. mayors on December 9, 2008, called on President-elect Obama to channel infrastructure spending directly to cities rather than state governments. Consequently, there could be a problem with how infrastructure projects receive funding once the next stimulus bill is passed. However, there may be some lessons to be learned from how the New Deal was managed.

Dec 9th, 2008

A reNewed Deal?

Even before the bailout, a non-partisan initiative, Building America’s Future, had already called for a similar government expansion, but in funding infrastructure projects.

Oct 16th, 2008

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