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January 23rd, 2009
On the Grid

Rick Karr, Blueprint America correspondent

Here are some of infrastructure-related things that caught my attention over the past week:

Americans are fond of infrastructure. Even politicians get it.

Matt Yglesias kept up an ongoing thread on urban planning and parking with a post on a proposal to change regulations in Ithaca, NY. Atrios looks at related issues in Philly.

Matt also had good links to analysis of Ray LaHood’s confirmation hearing as Transportation Secretary.

Streetsblog was chockablock with great posts, as usual: An analysis of how the scaled-back transit provisions in the stimulus package could actually increase unemployment; how the package won’t do anything to change the way that state Departments of Transportation plan; and a link to a cool, nerdy-in-a-good-way piece on urban design’s relationship to transit, infrastructure, stimulus, and quality of life.

Finally, railcar manufacturer Bombardier has announced a trolley car that doesn’t need overhead wires. I propose that we dub these cars Teslas, not to be confused with the Tesla.

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