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October 20th, 2008
Presidential candidates on infrastructure

As a solution to the economic crisis, the presidential candidates look to the American infrastructure.

Sen. Barack Obama (Democrat – IL), according to McClatchy Newspapers, “proposes $50 billion in infrastructure funding and emergency assistance to state governments…” Sen. John McCain (Republican – AZ), on the other hand, believes lower corporate and individual taxes will boost the economy and create sustainable jobs over time. Concerning infrastructure, Sen. McCain advocates the construction of more nuclear power plants and an increase in drilling for oil and natural gas. But, even more than building infrastructure, Sen. McCain has campaigned to put an end to congressional earmarks and projects like the “Bridge to Nowhere.” However, both Sens. Obama and McCain have yet to specifically say how such proposals – from $50 billion for infrastructure funding to nuclear plant construction and oil drilling – would be funded.

On October 15, McClatchy Newspapers revisited infrastructure and the presidential race.

AAA asks the presidential candidates where they stand on the state of transportation and infrastructure in America

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