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Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Fixing America with High-speed rail

Last month, Blueprint America's colleagues at Need to Know debuted a new segment on the program: Fixing America. This week, their big thinkers take on infrastructure and the economy -- can High-speed rail get America back on the right track? Guests include Petra Todorovich, director the America 2050; Felix Salmon, a financial blogger for Reuters; and Patricia DeGennaro, a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.

Jan 7th, 2011

What then must we do?

Nationwide there are more than 550 transit projects valued at $8 billion that are "ready to go" as soon as funding is made available. Countless other infrastructure projects remain stalled throughout the country as the funds are simply not there to begin building. If these projects are to stimulate the economy, as President-elect Obama has said, where will the money to start these projects come from as many states face billion dollar budget shortfalls?

Nov 21st, 2008

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