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Additional Resources

Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research
Organization co-founded by Miriam Supuma. The group conducts research, trains local biologists and conservationists, and promotes their findings to policy makers, landowners and New Guinea residents.

Birds of Paradise
The professional website of ornithologist and bird of paradise expert Edwin Scholes III.

Evolution of the courtship phenotype in the Bird of Paradise genus Parotia | Edwin Scholes III | 2008
A scientific paper looking at the complex courtship displays of the Parotia Bird-of-paradise.

Why Birds of a Feather Are What They Eat | Moment of Science, Indiana Public Media | 2009
An audio story on how diet helps determine types of plumage for the different birds of paradise.

History and the Birds of Paradise: Surprising Connections from New Guinea | Stuart Kirschm | 2006
The history of the bird of paradise, and the role its plumes had in both New Guinean and western fashion.

Secondary Sexual Characters of Birds | The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex
A chapter on bird plumage and sexual selection from Darwin’s seminal text on evolutionary theory.

Narrative of Search After Birds of Paradise
A paper by nineteenth-century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace detailing his expedition to New Guinea to research birds of paradise.

The Malay Archipelago
Alfred Russel Wallace’s 1869 publication recounting his trip to the regions between Southeastern Asia and Australia.



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