Clip | Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 2: Limbo - Bushbaby Snacks on Insects

The Southern Lesser Galago, also known as a Bushbaby, is perfectly suited to hunt insects at night. Their tiny bodies are offset by their large, saucer-like eyes, and they will wash their feet and hands in their own urine to make them stickier and help in climbing trees.

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(hooting of nocturnal animals) - [Narrator] But the flood also creates problems.

As it arrives, it isolates one kind of small primitive ape on whatever termite island they happen to be on.

These temporary prisoners rely almost entirely on the insects that the flood forces to the high ground, and they do that with special adaptations.

They have huge eyes that are locked in position, so big, in fact, that to move its eyes, it has to move its entire head.

(slurping, smacking) It's effective, they can see and leap around a very complex world in the high trees, and to help, they urinate on their hands for that extra stickiness.

(chirping of nocturnal animals) Their tools work well for them as they navigate their isolated tree-top realm.

(very light eerie music)