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Elephants Mourn a Killed Buffalo


A group of elephants takes offense when a pride of lions kills a buffalo. One elephant behaves as though she’s lost one of her own in this fascinating display between two powerful species on the Okavango.


- [Narrator] Elephants have picked up the sound of death, the chaos, and they don't like it.

The mere presence of lions, the smell of blood, and the disturbance to their sedate lives offends these animals.

They thrive on peace and seem to just want to maintain that.

Outraged, they act as if the lions had killed one of their own, not a buffalo.

And for one of them, that may be true.

A tuskless cow reacts as if she has lost a calf or family member of her own in the past.

Elephants hold that hurt and loss for a long time.

But the lions slip away into the long grass frustrating her even more.

And then without any obvious reason at all, the female and her herd suddenly settle down and allow the pride to feed.

Forgiven perhaps but not forgotten.


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