Clip | Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 2: Limbo - Hyena and Warthog Families Share a Home

Hyenas can easily rip a warthog to pieces, but this family allows a group of warthogs to share their den. It turns out, the two families make pretty good housemates – adding extra security from unwanted predators.

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(easy music) - [Narrator] Those that can adapt to this watery world have an advantage especially if they can find just the right island.

(hyena growling) Two hyena sisters have found some abandoned aardvark holes to turn into a den.

(hyena growling) Hyena family greetings maybe a little curious, but these are some of the most caring mothers in the delta.

All their cuteness has been reserved for when they are very young.

They soon grow out of it.

The older cubs have already developed bone-crushing habits, so the youngest dig secret chambers into the heart of the termite mound that only they can get into.

Someone else is eyeing one of their holes today.

(easy music) And quite simply moves into the spare chamber.

It's disconcerting to the cubs.

(easy music) Hyenas can easily rip a warthog to pieces, but for some reason now they extend a kind of welcome.

(easy music) A working solution develops.

(easy music) Hyenas den during the day.

And at night when they are out hunting, the warthogs are in residence.

And during the twilight hours both families are at home.

(easy music) It's family bliss but with lethal jaws in the making.

(easy music)