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African Wild Dog Mom Needs a Break from Pups


When you have 12 hungry pups to feed, sometimes you just need a break. Despite her efforts for a little peace and quiet, Puzzles’ pups manage to track her down. 


Back at the den, the pups hound Puzzles like one large insatiable stomach.

She's hungry and short tempered.

She needs a break!

But her growing pups have other ideas.

Their appetites are starting to strain the supply, (growling) and there is no escaping them.

She's here somewhere... They've sniffed her out.

(whimpering) At last, the hunters are back and not a moment too soon.

Their bloody faces tell of a successful kill.

(crying and whimpering) Dakota is quick to feed her hungry mother and the pups.

Individuals will sacrifice almost anything for their pack, a behavior wired into their DNA.

If they can keep this up, Puzzles' family might just make it.


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