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Wild Dogs Take on Wildebeest


Puzzles’ young pack turns their attention to bigger prey. By working together, they manage to take down a wildebeest calf, a feat that is rarely attempted.

They turn their attention to bigger prey.

But bigger prey means bigger risk.

Taking on wildebeest is a dangerous proposition.

Hooves can slash and horns can gore.

Adult wildebeest might be too much for this young pack, but with summer's plenty, the wildebeest have dropped their calves and now they try to keep them safe behind a phalanx.

A final onslaught from the pack and the herd loses its nerve.

A calf can't keep up and in less than a minute its life is over.

Puzzles' pack has reached its peak in size and strength.

For the rest of the summer, her family will dominate these woodlands.