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Yearling Wild Dogs Take their Siblings Hostage


The yearling wild dogs decide it’s time for their baby siblings to see the world. They take them outside of the den, and Puzzles is forced to bring them back one by one until she finally relents to the yearlings’ antics.

Just when everything was going smoothly, the yearlings begin to act up.

The big sisters have decided it's time for the pups to see the wide world beyond the den.

Puzzles is not so sure.

With infinite patience, she carries the hostages back inside each time.

But the yearlings are quite insistent.

They soon find that if you kidnap one, the others are sure to follow.

Soon Puzzles relents and lets her pups explore the world within sight of the den.

As the weeks pass, and winter flies by, they venture farther and farther on each outing.

Adult supervision is never far behind, and then, one day, Puzzles decides it's time to leave the den for good.

It's been four months since the pups were born and for the first time, she and all her children run together as a pack.