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Additional Resources

Born Free Foundation
An International wildlife charity set up by Born Free actors, Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers.

Elsa Conservation Trust
Joy Adamson’s wildlife conservation organization that was founded in 1963.

IUCN | Panthera Leo Overview
A comprehensive overview of the current status of lions living in the African wild.

Panthera | Lion Overview
An overview of the lion by Panthera, an organization focused on wild cat conservation.

Lion Research Center
The center, headed by Craig Packer, conducts extensive research around wild lion populations, and provides information and findings to the general public, students, and scientists.

Time Magazine | Nowhere to Roam, Aug. 2004

An article outlining current efforts by scientists to decrease human-lion conflicts in Africa.

Vogue Magazine | The Lion Saver: Leela Hazzah, Nov. 2009

An article on a conservation program that enlists local community members to help protect wild lion populations.

Telegraph | Lions Face Extinction in Kenya Within 20 Years, Jan. 2011
A news story on Kenya’s struggling lion populations.

Smithsonian Magazine | The Truth About Lions, Jan. 2010
An article profiling Craig Packer, Director of the Lion Research Center.

Regional Conservation Strategy for the Lion, Dec. 2006
Lion distribution and status report published by the Regional Lion Conservation Strategy for Eastern and Southern Africa.


Adamson, Joy. Born Free. Pantheon Books, 1960.

Adamson, Joy. Living Free: The Story of Elsa and Her Cubs. Harcourt, 1961.

Adamson, Joy. Forever Free: Elsa’s Pride. Harcourt, 1962.

Adamson, George. My Pride and Joy. Simon & Schuster, 1986.



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