Clip | Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 3: Inferno - Flamingos Feed After the Rains

The salty rainwater in the Okavango attracts a flock of flamingos. They come to feed on the shrimp that have hatched in the sheet water.

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(flamingos squawking) - [Narrator] It attracts thousands of pink visitors from across the subcontinent.

(dramatic music) (flamingos squawking) The arrival of the flamingos is all about sodium chloride, basic salt.

(dramatic music) The rain has stimulated a hatching of shrimp that they feed on.

The sheet water gives them safety, an early warning against being ambushed.

(dramatic music) (flamingos squawking) (dramatic music) Their pantomime is only interrupted by a snooping jackal.

(flamingos squawking) (uplifting music)