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Meerkats Meet Migrating Zebras


A family of meerkats watches as zebras migrate south in the Okavango. Simultaneously, they keep an eye out for predators from above and below as they snack on high-protein grubs.


- [Narrator] A full month before the rains, something stirs in the air.

Something that has local residents paying attention.

Zebras have started to migrate south.

As they do, they meet strangers.

Meerkats can't afford to spent much time gawking.

They're on a high energy diet.

Out here, beyond the water's end, they find that in juicy, fat grubs.

The family posts a permanent lookout, because the threat to them will come from the ground as well as from the air.

In the soft sand, there is always a ready-hole on standby for escape.


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