Clip | Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 3: Inferno - Lions Take Down Warthogs

A pride of lions has no trouble hunting warthogs in their territory. They prey on the hogs to get them through the dry season in the Okavango.

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(relaxed music) - [Narrator] Warthogs are after the same buried grass roots, rhizomes.

It's the season when warthogs cluster around rhizome patches.

It's an awkward position to be in.

(tense music) Lionesses have to hunt whatever pray is in their territory.

(dramatic music) A good pig hunting day will see two or three taken in one hunt.

They can hide, but they shouldn't run.

Here, it's all about territory.

Warthogs will feed the lionesses until the rains, but it's risky being territorial at the far end of the water.

A low flood one year and they'll be high and dry.