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Update From Allison (May 2009)

Filmmaker Allison Argo at the American Embassy in London

I’ve just returned from London where there was a special screening of Frogs: The Thin Green Line at the American Embassy.  It was great to see the enthusiasm of the audience — and their concern.  The amphibian crisis is an international one, and folks throughout the world are worried.  Even Prince Charles is taking action. Frogs and princes have had a long association, but Prince Charles is taking it to new heights. Check out his first YouTube movie (you can also see it on his website:

You can catch another special screening of the film if you live in the San Francisco area. It will be shown at the Museum of Natural History on June 18. I’ll be there to talk to the audience and answer questions — and Tyrone Hayes will be there, too. I’m hoping he’ll do his “Frog Rap” after the film. It’s really sensational!

Later this summer there’s also going to be a screening of the film in Houston. No date yet, but stay tuned for more info…

In the meantime, don’t forget our amphibian friends: lay off the pesticides and fertilizers in your gardens and yards — and keep your energy consumption down by reducing your driving and turning off lights and appliances when you don’t need them! I’m also trying to buy organic whenever possible — and I’ve decided to create a frog pond in my back yard this summer. I got inspired after reading about how even a small homemade wetland can help amphibians.

– Allison Argo