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Lion Caught on Infrared Camera


In the dead of night, a big male lion appears near an Indian village to reclaim his kill from earlier in the day. Villagers rush to the scene, but instead of confronting this deadly predator, they celebrate his arrival. The black and white images were captured with an infrared camera which registers heat instead of visible light. The darker areas are warmer and brighter areas cooler.


A big male lion appears across the fields, heading straight for the village.

He surveys the situation.

The family is unaware they are being watched by a huge, wild predator.

At 11 o'clock, the last lights go out.

The lion reclaims his ox.

♪♪ ♪♪ The owner of the house discovers a killer on his doorstep.

[ Cell phones ringing ] News of the lion travels fast.

Villagers rush to the scene.

But confronting this killer without weapons would be madness.

Still, the people crowd in.

[ Crowd murmuring ] The lion doesn't seem to care.

He shows no aggression, and the crowd returns that respect.

There is a dangerous predator in their midst... and people are celebrating.

and people are celebrating.



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