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Lion Cubs Playing with Mom and Dad


Half a mile from an Indian village, two cow-killing male lions rest in the shade. A lioness approaches with several small cubs. In order to help spread their genes, male lions will often kill cubs that aren’t part of their direct bloodline. However, these males begin playing with the cubs, indicating they are probably their fathers.


Half a mile from the village, the two cow killers are resting in the shade.

Lions need to drink after feeding, and this is the only water nearby -- a cattle trough.

But there are lions here already with small cubs.

The killers move closer.

These cubs could be in great danger.

Two mothers, both limping from thorns in their feet, bring the defenseless cubs out into the open.

These males must be their fathers, or the cubs would be dead by now.

They share the water all together.

♪♪ For two lionesses to bring up four healthy cubs is a great achievement.

To do it so close to a village is a miracle.

People are their neighbors.

These lions are not refugees from the forest.

This is their home.

But how does a pride survive here?

And with such small cubs?


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