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Mobula Rays “Vortex Feeding” Caught on Camera


From both above and below the water, the spies capture the phenomenon of Mobula rays “vortex feeding.” Spy Mobula ray and spy pelican got up close to the event in the seas of Baja California.


(bright orchestral music) - [Narrator] Spy ray gets closer than any human diver can.

Deep into the heart of the shoal.

With a spy swimming among them and a spy in the sky, our cameras capture an event never filmed quite like this before.

(dramatic orchestral music) As the rays circle, they create a vortex, concentrating the plankton inside.

At every turn, more plankton is sucked into the center.

They just have to scoop it up.

When they feed near the surface, they use a different technique.

A wave passes through the masses, driving the plankton.

Soon, the leaping starts again.

For spy ray, it's a case of, if you can't beat them, join them.

(lively orchestral music) As the day ends, our spy keeps leaping with the best of them.


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