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Spy Macaque Befriends a Curious Baby


Spy Macaque makes friends in the spa, including a curious baby. The mother watches carefully over her baby.


- [Narrator] In the spa, spy monkey is still making friends.

Including the curious baby.

But when social position is everything, you can't always choose who your friends are.

It's mom who decides.

The spa not only gives warmth, it gives therapy.

Helping them de-stress.

(gentle orchestra music) It's used most by the females, especially those who are pregnant.

As females never leave the troop, they pass the custom down through the generations.

The troop's young males will soon be gone.

For now, a favorite pastime is disturbing the peace.

(insistent drum music) (contemplative music) The baby isn't so quick off the mark and mom is nowhere to be seen.

But what mother would ever really leave her baby?

Now, a special kind of warmth.

One only a mother can offer.

But there goes her chance to relax.


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