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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

Online Chat with Martin Nicholas and Fred Kaufman
Arachnologist Martin Nicholas and Executive Producer of NATURE Fred Kaufman were online Monday, February 13, 2006 to field your questions and comments about the world’s spiders and to discuss the NATURE program “True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter.”

BBC Radio: Adventures of the Spider Man
Listen to Martin Nicholas as he discusses his passion for spiders, preparations for his trip to Peru to find the chicken-eating spider, and finally, his successful sighting of the infamous tarantula.

How Spiders See the World
Find out more about how spiders use all eight of their eyes.

Spider Web and Silk
Read a complete briefing on spiderweb and silk from spider enthusiast Ed Nieuwenhuys.

Tucson Blond Tarantula
Learn more about this large burrowing spider, also known as the Mexican blond tarantula.

Communal Spiders
Discover the remarkable lives of these social spiders.

British Tarantula Society
Check out articles, discussion boards, video clips, and photo galleries about tarantulas.

PBS Kids: Backyard Jungle
Kids can load photos, drawings, and descriptions about their natural surroundings where they live, their “backyard.”

NATURE: Deep Jungle
Learn about Martin Nicholas’s search for the chicken-eating spider.


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