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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

National Committee on Potbellied Pigs
Information on breeding, showing, owning, and selling.

Swine Breeds
A comprehensive list of pig breeds, from American landrace to Yorkshire.

Pigs in (Cyber) Space
Links to pig Web sites.

Pigs, a Sanctuary
A center for abandoned pigs, with information on adoption and contributing to the cause.

The Chacoan Peccary
A page of information about this animal from the San Diego Zoo.


Horwitz, Richard P. HOG TIES: WHAT PIGS TELL US ABOUT AMERICA. University of Minnesota Press, August 2002.

Malcolmson, Robert and Stephanos Mastoris. THE ENGLISH PIG: A HISTORY. Hambledon Press, April 1999.

Pukite, John. A FIELD GUIDE TO PIGS. Falcon Publishing Company, September 1999.

Sonder, Ben. PIGS & WILD BOARS: A PORTRAIT OF THE ANIMAL WORLD. Todtri Productions Ltd, November 1998.



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