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Additional Web Resources

Additional Web Resources

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San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
The world-famous San Diego Zoo is home to 4,000 rare and endangered animals, representing more than 800 species. It covers 100 acres in Balboa Park. Featured animals include polar bears, giant pandas, western lowland gorillas, koalas, and tree kangaroos.

The Bronx Zoo
Headquarters of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Bronx Zoo keeps 4,000 animals on its 265-acre spread in New York City. “Wild Asia,” “JungleWorld,” “World of Darkness,” and “Himalayan Highlands” are just some of the natural exhibit areas to visit.

Lincoln Park Zoo
One of the nation’s oldest zoos, the Lincoln Park Zoo opened in Chicago in 1868. The Lincoln Park Zoo now houses more than 1,000 rare and exotic animals, and is a leader in wildlife conservation, community education, and recreation.

The Columbus Zoo
Opened in 1927, the Columbus Zoo has 8,260 animals representing 680 species. Its special attractions include the “New Discovery Reef,” “Life on an Atoll,” and “North American Exhibit.”

The National Zoo
Orangutans swing overhead at the National Zoo, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. It houses 5,000 animals representing 500 species, including a giant panda, Komodo dragons, Asian greater one-horned rhinos born in the fall of 1996, rare Sumatran tigers, and Asian and African elephants.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Tigers, okapis (zebra-like animals that are actually related to giraffes), and macaws live in one of the country’s oldest zoos.

St. Louis Zoo
One of the only free zoos in the United States houses prairie dogs, sea lions, and a bird flight cage featured in the 1904 World’s Fair.

The Los Angeles Zoo
Located in Griffith Park, the zoo houses animals from the tomato frog to the snow leopard in exhibits like “Wolf Woods,” “Monkey Island,” and “Adventure Island,” a children’s zoo.

Here are links to some of the nature organizations mentioned in this Web piece:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Links to information about wetlands, migratory birds, fish, endangered species, and other natural resources.

The Peregrine Fund
News on birds successfully re-released into the wild, including Philippine eagles, California condors, and peregrine falcons.

The California Department of Fish and Game
News, a wildlife gallery, and essays on animals from feral cats to California grunion.



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