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Web & Print Resources

Web Resources

For those interested in the subjects shown on GRAND CANYON, we present the following Web sites. All links are valid as of May 24, 2001.

Grand Canyon @ National Geographic
An interactive map, facts and figures, and canyon-centered books.

Grand Canyon National Park
The area’s official site, with links to the National Park Service, local tour operators, news, and weather.

Grand Canyon Explorer
Huge, varied site with historical, geological, and travel information, photos, and links to other outdoors sites.

A monthly online magazine about the American Southwest.

The homepage of the National Park Service, this is a searchable site with news, travel tips, photos, and links to every park in the system.

Print Resources

We recommend the following print articles for those interested in subjects presented on the program.

——–. “A Day in the Life of a Visitor — Year 2003.” UPLIFT AND EROSION, August 1997.

——–. “Human/Wildlife Interactions.” NATURE NOTES, Spring 1995.

Hamblin, W.K., and Laura Hamblin. “Fire and Water.” NATURAL HISTORY, September 1997, 34-41.

Hart, Stephen. “Rafting Through Time.” SCIENCE WORLD, September 2, 1997, 17-19.

Williams, Ted. “Seeking Refuge.” AUDUBON, May 1996, 34-45.

Zwinger, Ann. “A Landscape of Memory.” AUDUBON, May 1996, 30-31.



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