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Additional Web and Print Resources


Dung Beetles
Dung beetles and other types of scarab beetles.

Dung Beetles (more)
The Scarabaeimae research network.

Dung Beetles (still more)
From Australia Museum Online.

Elephant Seal Friends
Information about the marine mammal from Friends of the Elephant Seal.

Learn more about the instrument at the Ocean Research & Conservation Association.

Ghost-faced Bats
Information on the ghost-faced bat and its batty relatives.

The Naked Truth
Information on naked mole-rats from the National Zoo.

Preserving the Cape Griffon Vulture
The Web site of the Rare and Endangered Species Trust.

Proboscis Monkeys
Learn about proboscis monkeys from The Primata.

Queen of All She Surveys
Learn about queen naked mole-rats, from the Brookfield Zoo.

Rat Cam
Watch naked mole-rats live at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Seal Cam
Streaming video of elephant seals.

“The Shape of Life”
The PBS documentary examines tapeworms.

Starry News
Researcher Kenneth Catania’s discoveries about star-nosed moles.

Facts about tapeworm diseases from the Food and Drug Administration.

Vulture Study Group;=overview
Vulture research and conservation at the Endangered Wildlife Trust.


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