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Watch Tiny Turtles Tumble Towards the Sea


Two months after the mother Green Turtle laid her eggs, the new hatchlings begin their journey to the sea. The newborn turtles hurdle over obstacles as they tumble over the sand toward their new home, as dangerous predators eye their every move.


- [Narrator] Two months have passed since the mother green turtle laid her eggs.

As the first babies break through, the eggs deep down hatch frantically so they're not left behind.

(rhythmic mid-tempo Latin music) Though this baby turtle has never opened her eyes before now, powerful instincts propel her toward the sound and smell of the sea.

From the moment she left the warm embrace of the nest, she must fend entirely for herself for this new world is not a friendly one.

(droning suspenseful music) On the very first journey of her life there's a good chance she will not even make it to the water.

This time another hatchling has paid the price.

Less than one in a thousand baby turtles reach adulthood.

Their best defense are other turtles.

That's why they hatch and break for the ocean together.

(gentle Latin guitar music) She's made it to the sea.

But there are countless challenges ahead.

In shallow water she's easy prey and must get to deep water where she has some chance of surviving.


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