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Good NATURE: Cuba’s Wild Revolution


After each NATURE premiere, we gather online videos we love into a playlist. From our newest film to incredible footage from around the web, here were our favorites. And don’t forget, you can always subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

In Case You Missed It:


Watch “Cuba’s Wild Revolution” here:

Get a glimpse of Cuba’s spectacular wildlife and landscapes, left virtually untouched for 50 years. Watch HERE.

Our Favorite Moments From the Film:

Watch Tiny Turtles Tumble Towards the Sea


Newborn turtles hurdle over obstacles as they tumble over the sand toward their new home, as dangerous predators eye their every move.

Red Crab Mothers Take Long, Risky Journey to Lay Eggs

An army of Red land crabs migrates miles as some mothers prepare to lay up to 80,000 eggs apiece.

Meet The Smallest Bird On Earth


The very smallest bird on Earth is the Bee Hummingbird, which can be found in the Zapata.

More Good Nature:

Soothing Nature: Underwater in Cuba

Dive underwater in Cuba and explore a beautiful coral reef.


If You Thought Wildlife Filmmaking Was Glamorous… 


Check out this behind-the-scenes interview with producers capturing bats and boas in a dark cave. Not for the faint of heart!


All About Cuba’s Unique Wildlife

Featuring videos by the American Museum of Natural History, learn why Cuba’s biodiversity is so unique.

Good Nature Playlist:

From The American Museum of Natural History, Wildlife Conservation Society, PBS Newshour and more, continue your Cuba trip with this roundup of videos from around the web.

For Kids:

Wild Kratts: Seeing Sea Turtles

No photo description available.

For Teachers

Marine Conservation in Cuba | Cuba’s Wild Revolution (Grades 6-12)


The World’s Smallest Bird | Cuba’s Wild Revolution (Grades 4-8)


Seeing Sea Turtles” lesson plan (Grades 3-4)

Image result for wild kratts turtles learning media



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