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Pat Holly and Sue Nickels

"The Beatles Quilt"
Best of Show Award
1998 American Quilter's Society Show,
Paducah, Kentucky

Sue Nickels Web site

The Beatles Quilt is 95 inches square. It is 100 percent cotton fabric, batting and threads with a few rayon and metallic threads in appliqué. Each block represents a Beatles album; Pat and Sue, who are sisters, hand wrote all the lyrics to the songs on the back of the quilt. The quilt is currently on display at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society in Paducah, Kentucky.

"We wanted to get a '60s feel, so when we would see fabric, we would buy fabric at each end and we would split it in half," says Sue. "And we made piles so that we each had the exact same fabric collection to work with, so I think that's why the blocks tend to really go together...

"We really look at antique quilts for our inspiration, and we saw a wonderful antique folk art quilt that [this] was based on. We wanted to honor the tradition of quiltmaking but have it be updated, [using] original designs and colors. So that was where the beginnings of it came from -- from those really cool quilts.

"We got real organized," Pat adds. "The Beatles did 13 albums, so we divided them up. Each block represents an album. It was interesting... in a lot of the books that I read about them, people would say that when the four of them got together in the studio, it was more than just four people. The sum was much greater than that, and I kind of think that's true about our quilt ... the two of us together made something that's more than just what two people
can do."

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