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A Century of Quilts:  America in Cloth
Yvonne Porcella

1998 Recipient Silver Star Salute,
International Quilt Festival

In "America Quilts," Yvonne is shown creating this quilt. Here's the finished work.

A self-taught artist, Yvonne is a leader in the field of art quilting and pieced clothing. She began creating art quilts in the early '80s and her work immediately drew attention. The first art quilt she created, "Takoage," resides in the Smithsonian Institution. Her work is now among the permanent collections of the American Craft Museum in New York, the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, the Phoenix Art Museum, among other galleries and museums.

Yvonne's quilts are known for their bold colors, whimsical themes, and abstract patterns, often incorporating geometric shapes such as stripes, squares, triangles and checkerboards, like those seen in "Pierre."

In 1998 Yvonne was selected as the 1998 Quilters Hall of Fame honoree—the 30th individual to be so honored since the Hall was founded in 1979—and the first who also specializes in wearable art.

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